Kim Wuyts
Kim Wuyts is a senior privacy researcher at the imec-DistriNet research group at KU Leuven (Belgium). She has more than 15 years of experience in security and privacy engineering. Kim is one of the driving forces behind the development and extension of LINDDUN, a privacy threat modeling framework. She is also a co-author of the Threat Modeling Manifesto, program co-chair of the International Workshop on Privacy Engineering (IWPE), and a member of ENISA’s working group on Data Protection Engineering.

Abstract:Join us for a delicious journey into the world of privacy engineering! As data protection legislation becomes increasingly prevalent, it's more important than ever to understand how to keep your software systems safe from privacy threats. In this talk, we'll explore what privacy is all about, why it matters, and how threat modeling can help you introduce it early on in the software development lifecycle. We'll tackle some common misconceptions about privacy and threat modeling along the way. And we'll talk about ice cream. Yum!

Tanya Janca
Tanya Janca, also known as SheHacksPurple, is the best-selling author of ‘Alice and Bob Learn Application Security’. She is also the founder of We Hack Purple, an online learning community that revolves around teaching everyone to create secure software. Tanya has been coding and working in IT for over twenty five years, won countless awards, and has been everywhere from public service to tech giants, writing software, leading communities, founding companies and ‘securing all the things’. She is an award-winning public speaker, active blogger & podcaster and has delivered hundreds of talks on 6 continents. She values diversity, inclusion, and kindness, which shines through in her countless initiatives. Advisor: Nord VPN, Cloud Defense, Aiya Corp Faculty: IANs Research

Abstract:As AppSec pro, you may feel that marketing has ruined the meaning of ‘shift left’. It was supposed to mean ‘starting security as early as possible in the SDLC’, but was transformed into “buy our product, put it in your CI/CD, then your apps will be secure”. But we can't just throw a bunch of tools into a CI/CD and call it a day. With this in mind, let’s focus on comprehensive programs, developer buy-in, and making security work for the entire business, by shifting security everywhere.

Dr Magda Lilia Chelly
Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly is a world-renowned leader in the field of cybersecurity, having been honored as one of the top 20 most influential personalities in the industry in both 2017 and 2021 by ISFEC Global. As an accomplished author, she has written three books that provide in-depth insights on cybersecurity challenges and recommendations for C-level executives. Dr. Chelly is a sought-after media commentator on cybersecurity and has appeared on national and international TV, radio and news magazines, and is widely recognized as the go-to expert for straightforward insights on cybersecurity and privacy-related topics. She has also been featured in popular documentaries such as "The Dark Web," and "Click to Ransom” on Channel News Asia. As a seasoned professional with extensive experience in cybersecurity and privacy, Dr. Chelly has held various roles, including Information Security Officer, Business Development, and Co-Founder of a cybersecurity startup valued at 7 Million SGD in 2020. Additionally, Dr. Chelly manages a team of developers as part of her company's responsibilities. Dr. Chelly's international experience, technical knowledge, and multicultural background have equipped her with unique insights. She is known for her clear communication style and ability to make cybersecurity and privacy accessible to all. Her research has been featured by IEEE, RSA Conference, World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS-2016), and CYBER RISK amongst others.

Abstract:The use of AI in software development is on the rise, and for a good reason. AI-assisted coding has the potential to revolutionize the way we write code, making the process faster, more efficient, and more accurate, and especially more secure. In this keynote, we will discuss the current state of AI-assisted coding and its potential future impact on the software development industry and cybersecurity. We will explore the different ways AI can support code writing, such as code completion, error detection, and automated testing. However, the use of AI in software development also comes with a set of challenges, including intellectual property ownership, legal issues, and privacy concerns. This keynote will provide a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be used in software development, its potential impact on the industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities that come with it. It will also equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding AI-assisted coding.

Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson is the Executive Officer of PurePoint International helping CEOs and C-level leaders bridge the gap among data security, cyber risk and privacy and is currently the vCISO for Women In Cybersecurity. PurePoint International provides cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and training for financial services, insurance and other middle market global companies from start-up to $350M in revenue. Jessica’s vision to create a different kind of security company has earned the company and award for International Affairs and Women’s Security from Jaycees Philippines-New York Chapter and Philanthropy Company of the Year Award for the 2021 Ally of the Year Awards. Jessica is also on the Board Chair of World Pulse.

Abstract:As complexity grows in how we defend our business, or proactively innovate technology, how think about cybersecurity collaboratively also has to change. How well we adapt continues to influence our security strategies, our creativity, and our culture, in our companies and in our industry. It seems starting with ourselves is a natural place to begin. Join this conversation on what the evolution of the security practitioner, and leader, will look in the future to keep up with the pace of this ever-growing industry.